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JBF Builders Ltd was established in 2005 with the goal of offering a broad range of building and construction solutions. Here at JBF Builders we maintain a team of qualified, experienced builders and sub-trades to work across a wide variety of properties including private, government or corporate. We approach each project with a fresh and energetic mind-set that helps us construct a high-quality product that not only satisfies you but ourselves.

We are proud to be members of the Certified Builders Association and are Licensed Building Practitioners. This allows you to rest assured as our workmanship is at the highest of standards. We highly recommend you give us a call or make an enquiry if you require our building solutions.

  • Contact Information

  • Phone : 021 411 628

  • Post Address : PO Box 9911 Marion street, Wellingtion

  • Email : jbfbuildersltd@gmail.com


The most useful outcome of the project is our closely guarded list of reliable tradesmen. In return for envelopes stuffed with used notes, I am willing to share with close personal friends or complete strangers the phone number of.. Jody Farmer, who not only did the job very well, but also on time. -Joanne Black



- House Additions

- Renovations

- Alterations

- Fencing


Certified Builders

JBF BUILDERS LTD is proud to be a member of the Certified Builders Association